Ueda Castle
Ueda Castle
Built: 1583
Built by: Masayuki Sanada
Demolished: 1874
Occupation: Sanada clan
Tokugawa clan

Ueda Castle Ueda lies on the old Nakasendo road, and was the site of the celebrated delaying siege by Hidetada Tokugawa, which kept him away from Sekighara in 1600. Two corner towers and the walls remain, which are enough to justify a visit, and there is a very good museum. [1]


Siege of Uehara (1542)Edit

Shingen Takeda crossed the border between Kai and Shinano provinces and captured Uehara from Yorishige Suwa.[2]

Siege of Ueda Castle (1600)Edit

Main Article: Siege of Ueda castle (1600)

In 1600, in the campaign that ended with the battle of Sekigahara an army commanded by Hidetada Tokugawa set out from Edo along the Nakasendo the road that ran through the central mountains of Japan. The aim was for Hidetada to join up with his father Ieyasu Tokugawa. While on his way however, Hidetada commenced a siege of Ueda castle, held by father and son Masayuki Sanada and Yukimura Sanada. So desperately was the castle defended that Hidetada Tokugawa abandoned the siege. [3]



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