Samurai Warriors
Samurai Warriors cover

Release Date Playstion 2 Version

Japan February 11, 2004
United States/Canada May 6, 2004
Europe/Australia June 25, 2004
XBox Version
Japan July 13, 2004
United States/Canada July 29, 2004
Europe/Australia September 24, 2004

Game Mode Single Player
Platform(s) Play Station 2

Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Musou is the first game in the Samurai Warriors series that is a spinoff of another Koei Dynasty Warriors. Samurai Warriors finds its setting in the Warring States period of Japan during the Sengoku Period. The game was planned to be dark and grim to set the mood for Nobunaga's time in power.


Story ModeEdit

In this mode the player chooses a character to play their personal story. Completing their story unlocks an alternate costume for the character. Depending on the choices made during certain missions, the story will branch off in an alternative path. Many of the battles and stories which take place revolve mostly around the rise of Nobunaga Oda, with notable tales from the rivalry between Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda.

Free ModeEdit

In free mode you play in other character's story level with any character.

Survival ModeEdit

While offering two similar but different challenges, some "rules" remain in both. Difficulty cannot be selected. When the life meter reaches 0 the game is over. Any acquired weapons/items can be used in the other modes. There is a rest period every 3 floors where the player's life meter is restored a bit and allowed to save the game. There are two deferent modes which are Abyss and Tower.

Challenge ModeEdit

There are 7 challenges that also double as the training exercises in New Officer Mode.

  • Melee - Get as many enemy KOs as you can
  • Musou - Defeat enemies using only the Musou Attack
  • Combo - Get the longest combo attack possible
  • Archery - Defeat oncoming enemies using only Ranged Attacks
  • Deflect - Defeat enemies by deflecting arrows
  • Burst - Reach the destination point as quickly as possible
  • Riding - Get through the course on your steed as quickly as possible

New Officer ModeEdit

The game has a unique character creation process the player must undergo a training session in order to use their character. At the end of their training, players must pass a final test or the character will be lost. If the character passes, then the character is saved and can be used in Story Mode or Free Mode.



8.5 on PlayStation 2

7.4 on Xbox


7.3 on PlayStation 2

7.3 on Xbox

Playable Characters Edit

Non - Playable CharactersEdit