Oda Kamon.svg
Homeland: Owari
Founded: 1260 by Chikazane Taira
Ended: Still exist
Japanese Name: 織田氏
Other Name(s): Oda-shi

The Oda clan was one of the three most powerful clans during the Sengoku era. It competed against many other clans surrounding the Oda's territory of Owari, and managed to expand it so far that it's leader, Nobunaga Oda is known to be one of the 3 great unifiers of Japan. The clan lost it's power mostly after the Battle of Honnoji in which the battle resulted the death of Nobunaga Oda. After the latter's death, the young Hidenobu Oda became the clan's new Daimyo till his death at the Battle of Sekigahara.



Nobuhide Oda Nobumitsu Oda
Nobunaga Oda Hidenobu Oda


Gozen Tsuchida Oinu
Oichi Nōhime
Kitsuno Ikoma Onabe
Tokuhime Fuyuhime
Hideko Eihime


Seven Spearmen of AsukikizakaEdit

The Seven Spearmen of Azukizaka were seven notable generals who Nobuhide Oda considered to have performed greatly during the Battle of Azukizaka

Nobumitsu Oda Nobufusa Oda
Shigeyori Okata Matasugu Sassa
Magasuke Sassa Kazuyasu Nagano
Masanori Kahō

Four Guardian Kings of OdaEdit

The Four Guardian Kings of Oda were four generals which Nobunaga Oda personally believed to heavily contribute to his army throught the years,

Katsuie Shibata Nagahide Niwa
Kazumasu Takigawa Mitsuhide Akechi

Five Great Generals of OdaEdit

The Five Great Generals of Oda are five generals who Nobunaga Oda also commended for his conquests.

Katsuie Shibata Nagahide Niwa
Kazumasu Takigawa Mitsuhide Akechi
Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Retainer FamiliesEdit

Shibata Clan Hayashi Clan
Niwa Clan Hirate Clan
Hashiba Clan Maeda Clan
Akechi Clan Sassa Clan
Sakuma Clan Takigawa Clan
Fuwa Clan Tokugawa Clan