Born: 1535
Died: Unkown
Japanese name: 濃姫
married to: Nobunaga Oda
served: Oda clan

Lady Nō or Nōhime was the daughter of the daimyo of Mino, Dosan Saito. She was also the wife of Nobunaga Oda, the marriage being arranged to increase relations between the Saito and Oda Clan.


Nōhime was born at Sagiyama Castle (later known as Gifu) in 1535. When Dosan Saito agreed that his daughter would marry Nobunaga Oda, he knew he had a trick up his sleeve. He gave Nōhime a dagger just in case her new husband was "gay"  She never had to use it. She was also known as Sagiyama-dono, Kichō no kata, and later in life Azuchi-dono, a true Sengoku beauty. Her mother, Omi no kata, was Mitsutsugu Akechi's daughter, the lord of Akechi Castle in Mino. She was born in 1513. Omi no kata was married to Dosan Saito in 1533. Omi no kata passed away in 1551, at the age of thirty-nine of some sort of disease. One incident is well known that Nobunaga was a cunning man. He would stay up at night glancing at Mino Province.