Kunichika Chosokabe
Personal Information
Born: 1504
Place of Birth: Unknown
Died: July 8, 1560
Cause of Death: Illness
Place of Death: Tosa province
Style name: 長宗我部 国親
Served: Chosokabe
Participation(s): Battle of Tonomoto

Kunichika Chosokabe. Tosa daimyo, lord of Oko castle. He took back his castle after getting help from Fusaie Ichijo. He worked hard in recovering his clan through careful alliances and agricultural innovations.


Kunichika was the son of Kanetsugu Chosokabe. When his father was attacked by the Motoyama in 1508, Oko castle fell and Kanetsugu was captured and killed after attempting to flee. However, he had earlier sent Kunichika, then 4 years old, to Fusaie Ichijo.[1] Around 1518 the Ichijo secured Oko and handed it over to Kunichika. Nominally a vassal of the Ichijo, he strengthened his position on the Kochi Plain through alliances, timely aggression, and adoptions into other families. Kunichika clashed with his long-time rivals the Motoyama family around Nagahama Castle in June 1560 at the Battle of Tonomoto.[2] Kunichika also built the castle of Toyooka in Tosa province.[3] Kunichika died of an illness on 8 July.[4]





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